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More than 80 CEHD Faculty Members and Students Will Present at AERA

March 31, 2015

This year, more than 80 faculty members and graduate students from the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University will present their research at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

The conference, to be held in Chicago on April 16-20, 2015, is the largest gathering of scholars in the field of education research. The ideas and data presented at the conference often inform future education practices and policies.

The strong presence of CEHD attests to the range of education research currently underway within the college's Graduate School of Education. Please see session titles and presenters listed below.

The college also co-sponsors a reception at AERA for faculty members and graduate students from Virginia colleges and universities.




  • The Amahoro Project: Emergent Themes for Building Sustainable Peace in Postgenocide Burundi
    Presenter: Elavie Ndura

  • Assessing the Use of a Validated Framework for Observing and Reflecting on Mathematical Teaching and Learning in a Professional Development School
    Presenter: Jennifer Suh

  • The Bethune Historic Site: Enhancing K–12 Student Learning of the Neo-Slavery Era
    Presenters: Paula Azevedo, Jenice View

  • Changing Education One Project at a Time
    Presenter: Scott Bauer

  • A Comparison of Non-Regression-Based Effect Size Metrics for Single-Case Experimental Designs
    Presenter: Anya Evmenova

  • Conceptualizing Justice: The Peoples of the Diaspora Speak Out on Inequities in the Research of and on Their Cultures, Languages, and Heritage
    Presenter: Rodney Hopson

  • Considering the Nature and History of Science in Secondary Science Textbook Resources
    Presenters: Anthony Pellegrino, Erin Peters Burton

  • A Content Analysis of Seven Influential Literacy Research Journals, 2009–2013
    Presenters: Jan Ainger, Melissa Gallagher, Susan Groundwater, Lesley King, Erin Ramirez, Karen Sutter Doheney

  • Defining Merit and Measuring Quality: New York City Teacher Policy During the Post–World War II Years
    Presenter: Diana D’Amico

  • Departmentalized or Self-Contained: The Changing Face of Elementary Schools' Grade Level Structure
    Presenter: Audra Parker

  • Diagnostics of Performance on Promoting Learning in a Large-Scale Assessment for Teacher Certification in Saudi Arabia: A Factor Mixture Modeling Approach
    Presenter: Elizabeth Levine Brown, Duhita Mahatmya, Swati Mehta, Colleen Vessely, Kari Visconti, Margaret Weiss

  • The Effect of Problem-Based Learning on Student Achievement and Perceptions of Classroom Quality
    Presenter: Anne Horak

  • Engaging Undergraduate Researchers to Understand Diversity in Higher Education
    Presenter: Jaime Lester

  • Executive Federalism and Flexibility in Education Policy
    Presenter: Cheryl O'Connor

  • An Experimental Study Comparing Two Educational Approaches to Making With Simple Circuits
    Presenters: Abigail Konopasky, Kimberly Sheridan

  • Exploring Video Gaming, Video Analysis, and Digital Pedagogy in Physical Education
    Presenter: Dominique Banville

  • Faculty Self-Studies to Improve Program Field Experiences
    Presenters: Toya Jones Frank, William Rodick, Anastasia Samaras, Monique Williams

  • Here Comes the Neighborhood: The Promise and Politics of Community-Based Education Reform
    Presenter: Sonya Douglass Horsford

  • Identity and the Maker Movement: Community Ethos and Individual Stances
    Presenters: Abigail Konopasky, Kimberly Sheridan

  • The Impact of Beliefs and Background on Mathematical Problem Solving
    Presenters: Courtney Baker, Margret Hjalmarson, Earle Reybold, Jennifer Suh

  • Implementing Innovative Technology to Improve Essay Writing for Diverse Struggling Writers
    Presenters: Soo Ahn, Anya Evmenova, Kelley Regan

  • Improving Comprehension With Digital Text: A Meta-Analysis of Interventions
    Presenters: Sheri Berkeley, Andrea Boykin, Anya Evmenova, Lehigh Kurz

  • Infusing Self-Regulation Learning Processes Into Project-Based Learning
    Presenter: Rory Dippold

  • International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership
    Presenter: Penelope Early

  • Investigating Teacher Change Agency Through the Use of Equity Audits
    Presenters: Elizabeth DeMulder, Stephanie Dodman, Stacia Stribling, Sophia Sun Ra, Jenice View

  • Learning From the Past: How Interdistrict Desegregation Policies Can Inform School Choice and Improvement Policies Today
    Presenter: Sonya Douglass Horsford

  • Learning the Language of Literacy Coaching
    Presenters: Jennifer Drake Patrick, Susan Groundwater, Allison Ward Parsons

  • Leveraging and Advancing a Career in Program Evaluation: A Multidisciplinary Field That Involves Practice, Scholarship, and Opportunities
    Presenter: Rodney Hopson

  • A Longitudinal Professional Development Initiative in a High-Needs Urban Elementary School
    Presenters: Stephanie Dodman, Melissa Pierczynski, Erin Ramirez, Leila Richey Nuland

  • Longitudinally Investigating the Effect of Mathematics Curriculum on Students' Learning: Application of Growth Mixture Modeling
    Presenter: Dimiter Dimitrov

  • Losing in Las Vegas: The Politics of School Desegregation, Leadership, and Reform in the West
    Presenter: Sonya Douglass Horsford

  • One College's System to Meet Accreditation Requirements: Examining the Use of Data-Driven Decision Making for Continuous Improvement
    Presenters: Lori Bland, Holly Klee, Shaun Marsh

  • Online Multicultural Teacher Education: Creating Effective Learning Environments Through Innovative Discussion Board Designs
    Presenters: Eirini Gouleta, Sydney Merz

  • Organizational Design of Collaborative Teams in Schools
    Presenters: Scott Bauer, Robert Smith

  • The Politics of Policy and Teacher Assessment: Emerging Perspectives on edTPA
    Presenter: Donna Sacco

  • Predicting Academic Achievement in Middle School Students: The Role of Contextual and Self-Regulatory Variables
    Presenter: Anastasia Kitsantas

  • Preparing Teachers for Diversity: An Analysis of the Accreditation Diversity Standard
    Presenter: Paula Azevedo

  • Researching School Resegregation in the Post–Civil Rights Era: Implications for Theory, Policy, and Praxis
    Presenter: Sonya Douglass Horsford

  • The Role of Politics in Educational Policy Making and Implementation
    Presenter: Diana D'Amico

  • Shoulder to Shoulder: 35 Years of Recommendations for Collaboration in Teacher Education
    Presenters: Elaina Bafaro, Gary Galluzzo, Anthony Pellegrino

  • The "Silo Problem" in Mixed-Methods Research
    Presenter: Joseph Maxwell
  • Standardization Across the World: Discursive Construction of Educational Pathways
    Presenter: Supriya Baily

  • Supporting Iterative Critique: The Design, Development, and Testing of an Online Critique Tool for Makers
    Presenter: Kimberly Sheridan

  • Sustaining or Diffusing Elementary Science Education Reform After Two Years
    Presenters: Andrew Keck, David Long, Susan Poland

  • Talking the Talk: Are We Getting There?
    Presenter: Fahima Choudhry

  • Teacher Candidates' Personal Practical Theories and Autonomy During Professional Internship Experiences
    Presenter: Dana Shin

  • The Teacher Labor Market and Hiring Decisions: A Quantitative Analysis of Applicant Data
    Presenters: Diana D'Amico, Penelope Early, Heather Keenan

  • Technology as an Agent of Change in Teaching and Learning SIG Business Meeting
    Presenter: Debra Sprague

  • Toward Justice in Educational Leadership: Disrupting the "Privilege Imperative" Through Unspoken Histories of Unequal Education
    Presenter: Rodney Hopson

  • Toward Justice? Education Policy and Competing Constructions of the Common Good, 1945–2014
    Presenters: Diana D’Amico, Penelope Early, Cheryl O’Connor

  • Transforming Self Through Intercultural Experiences
    Presenter: Shelley Wong

  • Understanding Teacher Learning During Online and Face-to-Face Professional Development Through Reflections and Portfolio Evidence
    Presenters: Stephanie Dodman, Rebecca Fox, Nancy Holincheck, Sydney Merz

  • Understanding Teachers' Education Philosophies in the Context of Current Educational Reforms
    Presenters: Laura Dallman, Elizabeth DeMulder, Stacia Stribling, Jenice View

  • Universal Design in Chemistry: Performance of Students With and Without Disabilities
    Presenters: Sheri Berkeley, Anya Evmenova, Todd Johnson, Peggy King Sears, Anna Menditto, Erin Peters Burton, Maryam Saroughi, Shelley Wong

  • Utilizing Student Feedback to Teach to and Beyond Praxis II
    Presenters: Maryam Saroughi, Shelley Wong

  • When the Pressure Is On, Science Is Gone: Effects of State and Federal Policy on Elementary Science
    Presenters: Andrew Keck, David Long, Cheryl O’Connor

  • Writing Practices and Digital Literacies in Multilingual Settings
    Presenter: Shelley Wong


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