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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

An Invitation to Our CEHD Alumni & Friends – Mason’s Giving Day 2017

April 6 will be a special day for George Mason University and the College of Education and Human Development, and it will be a special opportunity for our alumni and friends who value and support our work.

This year, our university has designated April 6, 2017 as "Giving Day" – a day to reflect on the value that George Mason University brings to our community and a day for our friends to support our college by making a personal gift that will contribute to our continuing success.

It has been said that philanthropy is not only about making a financial contribution. It is also about giving a part of oneself to causes that make a difference and that we personally value. Education is one such cause.

It also has been said that education "takes a village." Our community, in Northern Virginia and beyond, is the "village" that provides a context for our work. Our success is dependent upon the involvement and engagement of others. We must forever be in tandem with our community. Our interdependence is both the foundation of our "village" and the foundation of our continued success.

Our work at the College of Education and Human Development is driven by our core values: Collaboration, Ethical Leadership, Innovation, Research-Based Practice, and Social Justice.

Our vision is to inspire undergraduate and graduate students to promote learning and development across the life span. Innovative, inclusive, and cutting-edge, the college and its two schools prepare professionals who improve lives and make a difference for our community and for the world.

We invite gifts to be directed to our CEHD Giving Day Projects that are a source of support for our programs, activities, and initiatives:

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships
  • The Center for Education Policy and Evaluation
  • The Mason LIFE Challenge

These areas are critical. Scholarship support for our students will provide increased access to advanced studies in education for aspiring and practicing educators. In addition, in today’s fast moving and complex policy landscape, it is essential that education policy be based on research evidence. We must promote policies based upon what we know – not just what we believe. We intend to formulate a series of non-partisan policy briefs that will review relevant research and provide evidence-based reflections with respect to critical and emergent policies focused on education practice. And, finally, the Mason LIFE Program is an innovative four-year, post-secondary, comprehensive program for young adults who desire a university academic experience in a supportive campus environment. Gifts to the Mason LIFE Program will provide opportunities for Mason LIFE students to live on campus and will be "matched" by a generous donor.

Mason’s "Giving Day" is a catalyst to propel forward our partnership with alumni and friends to help strengthen our village and promote our alliance.

Please join with us and contribute by making a donation in support of our programs, activities, and initiatives that will help us to meet the challenging needs of today’s schools and students.

We strive to meet needs, fill gaps, and exceed expectations. Help us today so that we can make a positive difference tomorrow and in the future.

Thanks for your support.

Mark R. Ginsberg, PhD
Dean and Professor
College of Education and Human Development