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Spring 2013 Newsletter

CREST >CEHD >MASON >  Volume 9, Issue 2: Spring 2013

VISTA Project Awarded
Representatives of the Virginia Initiative for
Science Teaching and Achievement (VISTA) accept their award. 

VISTA Program Recognized
2013 “Programs That Work” Award

The Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement (VISTA) was recognized with a 2013 Programs That Work award in May at the Virginia Mathemathics and Science Coalition’s annual ceremony.

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OSHA Issues New Lab Safety Rules
New laboratory safety rules have been issued.

Science Education
OSHA Issues New Lab Safety Rules

Are you in compliance? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued
new lab safety rules. Teacher training on the new chemical labeling is required by December 1, 2013.

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SUNRISE GK-12 Project Update
Fellows Lauren Wilson, left, and Lilly Parker, right, with students in a carpentry class at the Digantar Rural School, Jaipur

Updates from CREST
SUNRISE GK-12 Project
by Rajesh Ganesan,
Mason's Volgenau School of Engineering


The SUNRISE project is a unique graduate Fellowship program at Mason funded by the National Science Foundation that targets graduate students working in the grade 4-6 school environment. It was recently expanded to operate into a seventh year.

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VISTA Launches New Implementation Research Effort
This summer, a VISTA implementation team based at Mason and headed up by David Long, PhD, several lines of research designed to capture a clearer picture of the factors that afford or constrain the improvement of science education in Virginia. Read more >

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Virginia Tech Opens New VISTA Site
my Bordeaux, Director of VISTA Operations at Virginia Tech, reports here on the launch of a new VISTA implementation site at Virginia Tech. Amy has worked as a science educator teaching grades K- 8 in Virginia, Maryland, DC, overseas in Brussels Belgium, and graduate school science methods at Mason. She previously served as a VISTA coach.  Read more >

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Mason to Hold Third VISTA Elementary Camp

This summer, Mason will welcome for the third time a group of teachers and students from the northern Virginia area to the VISTA Elementary Science Institute. Read more >

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VISTA Hosts Information Sessions for Virginia Legislators
In January, VISTA representatives from Mason and its partner universities hosted an information session for members of the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond, VA Read more >

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Science Education

Final Next Generation Science Standards Released
On April 9, the final Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), a new set of voluntary, rigorous, and internationally benchmarked standards for K-12 science education, were released.
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Researcher Examines Role of Minority Teachers, Students in the STEM Pipeline
By Kim Cherry, VISTA GRA

I entered the graduate program at George Mason University in Spring 2012 intending to examine the power of inquiry-based instructional strategies for elementary students through the practices of elementary school teachers of mathematics and scienceRead more >

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Student Funding
Several students joined CREST in spring 2013 as graduate research assistants to help with program evaluation and research for the VISTA projectRead more >

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Student and Faculty Publications and Presentations
The College of Education and Human Development publishes and presents numerous materials throughout the year.Read more >

VISTA in the news

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