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PHED 415: Student Teaching in Physical Education

Important: For the most up-to-date information, refer to the official George Mason Course Catalog

General Information

Credits: 12


Provides supervised clinical experience for a full semester in approved schools. Requires experiences in elementary and secondary school settings. Includes participation in pre-service workshop and related activities, and weekly seminars. Note: Completion of all Mason Core and program coursework, and acceptance into Student Teaching are required. PHED 415 must be completed within 5 years of PHED 202. Offered by School of Education. Limited to three attempts.
Mason Core: Mason Core (All), Mason Apex
Registration Restrictions:

Required Prerequisites: ((ATEP 300D, 300XS or 300XP) and (BIOL 124C or 124XS) and (BIOL 125D, 125XS or 125XP) and (EDRD 300D, 300XS or 300XP) and (EDUC 302D, 302XS or 302XP) and (HEAL 110D, 110XS or 110XP) and (HEAL 200D, 200XS or 200XP) and (HEAL 405C or 405XS) and (KINE 310D, 310XS or 310XP) and (PHED 202C or 202XS) and (PHED 218D, 218XS or 218XP) and (PHED 273D, 273XS or 273XP) and (PHED 274D, 274XS or 274XP) and (PHED 275C, 275XS or 275XP) and (PHED 276D, 276XS or 276XP) and (PHED 306D, 306XS or 306XP) and (PHED 308C, 308XS or 308XP) and (PHED 320D, 320XS or 320XP) and (PHED 340D, 340XS or 340XP) and (PHED 403C or 403XS) and (PHED 404C or 404XS) and (PRLS 316D, 316XS or 316XP) and (RMGT 316D)).
D Requires minimum grade of D.
XS Requires minimum grade of XS.
XP Requires minimum grade of XP.
C Requires minimum grade of C.

Schedule Type: Internship
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

Current Sections

This course is not offered this semester.

Upcoming Sections

  • Fall 2024, Section: 001, CRN 75508, Format: Face-to-Face, Instructor: Luanne Norden
Prior Sections (partial list)