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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

SOK Curriculum Committee

Committee Members

  • Caswell, Amanda: SOK; 2-year term, 2022–2024
  • Eddo, Oladipo: SOK; 2-year term, 2023–2025
  • Robison, Charles: SOK; 2-year term, 2023–2025

Program Approval Form and Process

A program approval form must be completed for the creation of new programs and deletions or modifications to an existing program all require approval through the college/school curriculum committee. Some curriculum modifications require BOV and SCHEV approval. Contact Robin Parker in the Provost’s Office at (703) 993-6220 or for questions.

Course Approval Form and Process

The creation, modification or deletion of courses require approval through the college/school curriculum committee and either the Undergraduate or Graduate Council. Visit the Office of the Registrar Courses page for information on the course approval form and process. You will also need to submit a Course Approval Justification form.

Syllabus Information

Check the Syllabi Review webpage for important information on syllabus guidelines and templates.


SRTM Curriculum Committee Procedures