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College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

CEHD Professional Development Committee

The purpose of the CEHD Professional Development Committee is to establish professional development activities in the areas of teaching, research, and service for members of the CEHD faculty community.

Committee Members

  • Baker, Courtney, (Co-chair, at large (SOED)): SOED; 2-year term, 2022–2024
  • Eddo, Oladipo, (Co-chair, (SOK)): SOK; 2-year term, 2022–2024
  • Park, Jung Yeon (Ellie), ((SOED)); 2-year term, 2022–2024
  • Park, Minkyung (Min), ((SRTM)): SRTM; 2-year term, 2023–2025
  • Wills, Theresa, (at large (SOED)): SOED; 2-year term, 2023–2025


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