College of Education and Human Development - George Mason University

GSE PhD in Education Committee

Committee Members

  • Hjalmarson, Margret (Director): SOED
  • Baily, Supriya: SOED; International Education
  • Baker, Courtney: SOED; Mathematics Education Leadership
  • Berkeley, Sheri: SOED; Special Education
  • Caswell, Amanda; Exercise, Health, Fitness, and Promotion
  • Clark, Kevin: SOED; Learning Technologies Design Research
  • Gilbert, Andrew: SOED; Science Education
  • Hunter, Seth: SOED; Education Leadership
  • Miller, Angela: SOED; Research Methodology
  • Parker, Audra: SOED; Teaching and Teacher Education
  • Parsons, Allison: SOED; Literacy and Reading
  • Pierce, Lorraine V.: SOED; Multilingual/Multicultural Education
  • Powell, Marvin: SOED; Research Methodology
  • Sheridan, Kimberly: SOED; Educational Psychology
  • Steinberg, Matthew: SOED; Education Policy
  • Varier, Divya: SOED; Educational Psychology
  • Vesely, Colleen: SOED; Early Childhood Education