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EdPolicyForward: The Center for Education Policy @George Mason University promotes equity and improved educational outcomes for all students, preschool through college and beyond. We are connecting research to policy and practice, developing and advancing effective and pragmatic solutions, and driving meaningful public discourse on closing the persistent achievement gaps in our education system.

About Us

David Houston
Assistant Professor
Mark Ginsberg
Senior Fellow
Interim Provost and Professor
Anne Holton
Senior Fellow
Visiting Professor

George Mason University’s College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is a nationally recognized and globally ranked leader in educator preparation and home to the largest and most comprehensive School of Education in Virginia. EdPolicyForward brings together faculty, researchers and practitioners to help solve critical educational challenges, and serves as an independent voice for research-driven approaches to achieve educational equity for all.

Leveraging its unique position as a university-based education policy research entity with access to over 130 CEHD faculty members, including leading experts on a wide range of education policy topics and issues, EdPolicyForward will inform and educate policymakers, practitioners, stakeholders, and the general public through thoughtful analysis and research-based, actionable policy recommendations. EdPolicyForward will break down intellectual silos and build partnerships and bridges across the education policy community.

EdPolicyForward is guided by the core belief that each and every student must be given the opportunity to thrive through a world-class education. Our work is driven by our commitment to identify and advocate for pragmatic approaches that show unique promise to improve educational outcomes for all students. With Virginia's largest public research university as its home, EdPolicyForward is actively engaged in the study and analysis of education policies, challenges, and innovations nationally. Capitalizing on our deep knowledge of and strong relationships with state and local governments, educational agencies, nonprofits, schools and educators, the Commonwealth of Virginia serves as an incubator for our research.

By kick-starting and engaging in debate and deliberation, we will inform policymaking that closes educational opportunity gaps and improves academic achievement at the federal, state and local levels.

Our objective is singular: make a positive impact on how our education system serves students’ needs to help each of them realize their full potential.