Center for International Education

Exchange Visiting Scholar Program

Visiting Scholars partner with the Center of International Education faculty to further their shared research interests.

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The Center for International Education welcomes international Exchange Visiting Scholars who contribute to CIE’s mission and goals


Exchange Visiting Scholars partner with CIE affiliate faculty to further their shared research interests. In the last four years, we have hosted researchers and scholars from Australia, China, Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Ukraine.  Topics of research include: cross-cultural interpretation of the English translations, international university ranking and its impact on Arab universities, the evolution of English language hegemony, and analysis of American kindergarten educational process for comparison with Korean institutions. In addition to completing independent and collaborative research, Exchange Visiting Scholars are expected to offer at least one seminar regarding their research and expertise during their time at Mason.

Please review the Exchange Visiting Scholar Procedure For additional information about the Exchange Visiting Scholars Program, please email us at