Center for International Education

Our Center for International Education and affiliated College of Education faculty have broad international interests and are fluent in many languages.

Baily, Supriya

International Research Interests: Gender and education, teacher education, teacher research, development education, post-conflict, microcredit, emergency education, nonformal education, international education policy and practice.

Countries: India, Indonesia, Guatemala, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Tibet

Languages : Kannada, French

Baker, Robert

International Research Interests: Sport for Development and Peace, Sport Diplomacy, International Sport Management Education, Inclusive Sport, Leadership and Coaching in Sport Organizations.

Countries:  Have experience in 75+ countries on six continents.
Languages: English

Dabbagh, Nada

International Research Interests: online learning technologies, instructional design, e-Learning pedagogy and cognitive consequences of technology mediated learning

Countries:  Thailand, Iran, Oman, Italy, Canada
Languages: Arabic, French

Esherick, Craig

Evmenova, Anna (Anya)

International Research Interests: assistive and instructional technology, special education and inclusive classrooms, online education

Countries:  Russia, Ukraine
Languages: Russian

Fox, Rebecca

International Research Interests: role of culture in teaching and learning, world languages, intercultural competence, teacher professional learning, portfolios, reflective practice, action research

Countries:  Russia, Pakistan, France, China, Taiwan, Greece, Georgia
Languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish

Ginsberg, Mark

Haley, Marjorie H.

International Research Interests: multilingual, multicultural education, Foreign language and ESL methods, brain-compatible teaching and learning, bilingualism and second language acquisition research

Countries: United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Ethiopia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Aruba
Languages: Spanish, French, German

Hopson, Rodney

International Research Interests: international education reform, research, evaluation, and policy; language policy, especially in postcolonial and post apartheid contexts and settings; culturally responsive, international, equity-focused, and cross-cultural evaluation; educational inequality and inequities

Countries: Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, England, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
Languages: Oshiwambo, Afrikaans, German, Otjiherero, Damara/Nama, Ju|'hoansi

Kitsantas, Anastasia

International Research Interests: study abroad experiences, goals, student motivational beliefs

Countries: Greece
Languages: Greek, French

Foster, April Mattix

International Research Interests: culturally responsive teaching, third culture kids, children's literature, international education, social justice, teacher preparation, literacy and culture

Countries:  The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom
Languages: German, Russian 

Park, Min

International Research Interests: Social and cultural impacts of tourism, cultural and heritage tourism, impacts of international tourism, alternative tourism, globalization and higher education, and international education.

Countries:  Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macao
Languages: Korean, Japanese

Powell, Marvin G.

International Research Interests: Positive Youth Development, statistical pedagogy, measurement designs, personality, program evaluation, sports, games as an instruction tool

Countries: Barbados, Belize, Jamaica
Languages: English, Patois

Ramos, Kathleen Ann

International Research Interests: ESL and world language methods, teacher preparation, culturally responsive teaching, genre pedagogy, action research, social justice, refugee students and cultural pluralism.

Countries: Mexico, Nicaragua
Languages: Spanish

Rioux-Bailey, Carmen

Samaras, Anastasia P.

International Research Interests: self-study of teaching, cross-disciplinary self-study of professional practice, teacher professional development and inquiry, Vygotskian pedagogy, curriculum and instruction, early childhood education, qualitative research

Countries:  Iceland, Australia, China, Greece, Russia, South Africa, Swaziland, The Netherlands, Croatia, Costa Rica, Spain
Languages: English, Modern Greek

Shahrokhi, Farnoosh

International Research Interests: international teacher leadership development, assessment, international teacher development and inquiry, international education, education leadership in newly democratic countries

Countries:  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Korea, Pakistan
Languages: Persian

Shaklee, Beverly D.

International Research Interests: Culturally Responsive teaching, assessment, gifted education, international teacher development and inquiry, professional development schools, international education, intercultural competence

Countries:  The Bahamas, China, Greece, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan, South Africa
Languages: German

Shin, Joan Kang

International Research Interests: Teaching English to young learners and very young learners in global contexts; EFL/ESL online teacher education and professional development; virtual and collocated communities of practice (CoPs) for EFL teachers; using international children’s songs to teach language and culture

Countries: Brazil, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Laos, Libya, Morocco, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam, and the U.A.E.; online professional development for English teaching professionals in 100+ countries.
Languages: English as a second/foreign language

Sprague, Debra

International Research Interests: International teacher development, technology integration, English-as-a-Second Language

Countries:  Egypt, Greece
Languages: English

Sturtevant, Betty

Zenkov, Kristien